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Vous n'avez pas besoin de ça

Buzzwords surround us; Microservices, GraphQL, Rest, DDD, Single Page App, and the list is still long...

Because we want to be part of the future, as developers, we sometimes add some tools to our systems without overthinking about it.

We pretend we're able to foresee future needs and that we'll gain time in the long run. More often than not, we're wrong.

We also want to stay relevant, to follow the hype.

Event backed by good intentions, these reasons are probably not good enough to add whatever we want to our stack. Are we sure we are not introducing unnecessary complexity to the system?

This talk is an attempt to show that decisions are to be taken in the context we evolve in, that there is no silver bullet, and that we can probably do a lot more with simple tools than what we think or want to believe.

Recorded version