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Work with me

When I went independent, my goal was to help more teams reach their full potential.

I'm a developer for a lot of years now. It all started as a game while I was a kid, trying to understand how websites were made and later turned into a job.

Along the way, I've learned that sustainably delivering value to users comes from a good understanding of their needs, rightly applied technical skills, and an environment focused on team autonomy.

It was time for me to move to an Agile & Craft coach position to grow this agile mindset in other teams.

If you're curious about Domain Driven Design, TDD, BDD, CQRS, Hexagonal architecture, event-sourcing, if you feel you're not going as fast as you could, or if you face some challenges you don't know how to approach, maybe we should discuss!

There are several ways we can work together:

I can join your team as a developer.

We work together on your projects and I share what I know as we go.

I've been mostly focused on backend development with PHP and Elixir for a while, but I'll be more than happy to pair on some front-end code as well.

We can take a few hours or days together to discuss an issue you have, see how it can be resolved, or review architectural decisions to ensure you're heading in the right direction according to your goals.

External ideas and points of view sometimes help!

You want to improve things in the way you work, be it technical or process-wise, and feel you need some help.

We can see each other from time to time; I'll share advice and resources, we track how it's going, and see what your next steps can be.

If you're interested in working together, don't know yet how I can help, or have any question, contact me.