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Personal projects

I sometimes code during evenings and week-ends, most of the time for experimenting, but, once in a while, a project is interesting enough to go online.

Here they are!

If you're interested in the projects that didn't make the cut, you can find them on Github.


Burritalks.io references interesting talks around development and creating software.

As an avid learner, I watch a lot of conferences online.

Some people are waiting for the next season of their favorite show; I'm waiting for some conferences to publish the recorded talks.

While coaching teams, I sometimes refer to talks, and I felt it would be convenient to group them. I decided to make a website out of the list as it can probably be a useful resource for others as well.

The website is built on top of Hugo, with Tailwind CSS and some a JS built CLI to help with repetitive tasks.

Burritalks.io homepage

Schtroumpsify is a Twitter bot translating all tweets from the French newspaper Le Monde in smurf language.

It all started with a discussion at the coffee maker: Would it be possible to build an automated translater from French to Smurf?

I decided to give it a try and looked for a use case. I decided to build a bot that will tweet in Smurf every tweet from the French newspaper Le Monde.

I found a French grammatical parser developed by the INRIA, the French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation. I built a node application calling a forgotten demo version running on their machines.

They ended up removing the service at some point, killing the bot at the same time.

Later, I started learning Elixir and decided to resuscitate the bot.

I found a docker image of the parser, which was unfortunately really heavy - think 10Gb -, and decided to shrink its size. This was the first part of the revival of the Schtroumpsifier - Schtroumpf is French for Smurf.

Once able to parse French again, I built a Phoenix application displaying the tweets in realtime and automatically tweeting translated news.

Schtroumpsify homepage