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I gave talks on different subjects in the past, from dealing with exceptions or writing better tests to help a team growing or reflection on architecture and tooling.

Unfortunately for you, if you're not a French speaker, recorded versions are in French, but slides can probably make some sense. If you're a French speaker, well, you're lucky!

De CRUD à DDD pas à pas

Migrating an existing application to something else can be a tricky business. Lack of tests, unclear business rules and modeling, and current tools preventing us from doing the changes we want... In this talk, I show some of the steps we took to migrate a CRUD-generated back office to an application using DDD principles and pattern, while introducing tests and using CQRS to keep existing views.

Faire grandir une équipe technique

A growing team faces numerous challenges, including communication, learning, codebase management, and team organization.

I've been part of a team that went from 5 developers to more than 40, facing these very problems. This talk describes what we've set-up to help.

Les exceptions, oui, mais pas n'importe comment

Exceptions are poorly used in many codebases, making them harder to maintain, evolve and monitor.

In this short presentation, I provide guidelines I follow when I'm working with exceptions.

Recettes de tests

While tests help significantly during a project's life, they can, if poorly designed, make us less productive when it's time to modify our software.

This talk describes some patterns to remediate common issues with tests and shows how to use tests as documentation and feedback on our designs

Vous n'avez pas besoin de ça

As developers, we sometimes add tools to the systems we are working on without thinking twice about the complexity they bring because we pretend to foresee what the future will be or just because we are following the hype.

In this talk, I share my view on this subject, why I think this is arming projects, and explore a few alternatives to current buzzwords to gain simplicity.