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Hi! I'm Charles! I help organizations deliver better software, that their customers enjoy, faster & more safely.

I focus on helping organizations deliver the best products to their clients.

I can join your team as a developer and help you grow your team.

I can advise you on some technical challenges around architecture, testing, modeling...

We can work together to improve your efficiency toward your goals.

I teach about testing !

Automated testing is crucial when it comes to delivering value at a fast pace. Unfortunately, automated tests are too often badly written: they fail for bad or non-obvious reasons, are hard to understand and maintain, and a terribly slow.

I teach an online video class about improving an existing test suite to help teams enjoy working with tests. If you speak French, you're lucky, because that class is in French.

I gave talks at various conferences

I was lucky enough to be able to share my views on coding practices, architecture, team work and agile in the past.

I really enjoyed it, hopefully the public too, and I can't wait to return to the stage!

Me, speaking at a conference
I build and maintain some personal projects

When I work on personal projects it's mostly for learning and experimentation purposes. However, from time to time, I feel a project is worth polishing ang going online.

Do you want to know more about my smurf Twitter bot or a project named Burritalks?

I sometimes blog

I write blog articles where I share what I've learned, reflections about the way we build software and how we can improve.

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