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De CRUD à DDD pas à pas

Start-ups need to go fast; they have to create something as soon as possible to prove there is some product-market fit. Rapid Application Development, use of CRUD frameworks can speed things a lot.

Unfortunately, after a while, once the business has grown, processes are better understood, managing a business with glorified spreadsheets is not as efficient as it could be. It's probably time to put the logic back inside the software.

How can we do so while keeping our application running and avoiding the big rewrite?

In this talk, I share some of the ideas and tools we've used in a migration project, from a CRUD-generated back-office application to an application using DDD concepts and patterns. I'm talking about understanding the needs, introducing tests thanks to approval testing, using interfaces to introduce roles to test our model before committing to migrating the database, and how CQRS helped us keep our existing views despite introducing a new model.

Recorded version